Dear guests Thank you very much for staying at Club Turtas Beach Hotel. Your opinion and observations are very important to us because our goal is to provide you with excellent services and facilities. Your comments help us to respond better to your needs. We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. Thank you for staying with us and we look forward to welcome you again in the future.
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Was this your first stay in this hotel?

Review the reception first

Greeting & Information

Check-in and Check-out speed

Politeness & Thoughtfulness

Luggage Service

Foreign language knowledge

What do you think about our rooms and housekeeping?

Room care

Bathroom cleanliness

Comfort of room

Bathroom amenities

Friendly and caring manner of housekeeping staff

Main restaurant




Cold buffet

Hot Buffet

Sweets / Dessert Buffet

Snack / Beach Bar

Pool Bar


Foreign language knowledge

Hospitality and courtesy

Review our General Areas

General appearance and atmosphere

General cleaning of Bars & Restaurant

Garden design and cleanliness

Beach design and cleanliness

Swimming pools & Aquapark

What do you think about our Animation Team?

How did you like the day time activities?

and the evening shows in our amphytheatre?

What about the Mini Club activities?

Friendly and caring manner of animation staff

Only a few questions left :)
We are now curious about the other services.

Game Center

Hamam / Spa & Wellness

What do you think about our shopping units?

Would you stay again in our hotel?

Would you recommend us?

Thank you so much for your time reviewing us.
We would be very happy if you come and visit us again!
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